Thursday, February 2, 2012

Einstein Jacket

     I finally finished my Einstein coat/jacket that I started 6 months ago during our marathon vacation to the tip of the UP and back.  This is Sally Melville's famous pattern from her book The Knit Stitch.

     I made the medium size, but adjusted the number of stitches because I wasn't getting the gauge Sally specified.  I also used a tip I found in the Einstein group on Ravelry and shortened the height of the sleeve opening.  This reduced the amount of extra fabric under the arm and I am very happy with the way it fits.

     Instead of knitted in buttonholes, I made a short chain with my yarn and sewed in in place across from the buttons.  Hopefully, it shows well enough in the close up picture.

     I used Lion Brand Suede in the color fuschia.
     It's darker than the picture to the left, but not as dark as the full shot.

     I think it took about 14 balls, but I'll have to go count all the empty ball bands to be sure.  I only paid $1 a skein, so definitely a good investment.  The buttons came from  The Woodlot  and I found them last October at The CreativFestival in Toronto.

     I wore it last week to the CCC (Creative Clothing Club) meeting and got a few compliments.  The best knitter in our group even took notice of it - thanks Claudia!

     It's soft and warm, and my new favorite sweater!!

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  1. Nice job on that jacket. I think Claudia was making the Einstein a while ago, but don't know if she finished it. I have one about half done, bagged up and laying in a closet, waiting.