Monday, February 13, 2012

Pyramid purse

    When a friend spends two and a half hours wrapping you in duct tape and another half hour trying to cut you out of it, she deserves a thank you gift.  And having spotted her much-loved but very worn-looking coin purse last week, this seemed perfect.
    I found this pattern at CraftPassion and since we share a love for all things blue and yellow, I just happened to have fabric in my stash that was perfect for it.  The directions are very well written and if I had actually followed them, I wouldn't have bent a #16 needle trying to sew through the zipper.  But other than that small mishap, it was easy.  I think I'll do one for myself next.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Duct Tape dress form

    While I was pleased with my first attempt at a "Duct Tape Dress Form" 2 years ago, I realized as time went on, it had some serious flaws.  I had over-stuffed it and had not checked the measurements for accuracy as I should have.  My helpers had not marked the required plumb lines on the form before cutting it off me.  And the worst part was the upper chest and neck.  I had used a wooden hanger  at the top of the inner support and that made the neck much larger than it should have been and distorted the shape of the upper chest.

    So my best friend offered to help me re-do it (a huge thank you to you, Barb).  And here she is - the form, not my friend.

    I cut the original form down the middle of the front and back and down each side and then removed most of the stuffing.  I then taped the new form over the old one at the hips and filled the emptiness with the stuffing.

     All the plumb lines are still plumb and the measurements of the form are (almost) identical to mine.

    Notice I splurged on the bright yellow tape for the final layer.  I wasn't sure how much that roll would cover, so that's why the bottom is still silver.  The base used to hold an outdoor patio umbrella - heavy and very stable.  My husband helped me stabilize it all with a closet rod in the base of the stand and screws through the cardboard core of the form into the wooden rod.

    The only downside I can see, is that she is too heavy for me to carry, although I can slide her across the carpet.  So dear hubby carried her upstairs and she is now wearing the sweater destined to become the bodice of my KatWise inspired sweater coat.  Stay tuned for more.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Einstein Jacket

     I finally finished my Einstein coat/jacket that I started 6 months ago during our marathon vacation to the tip of the UP and back.  This is Sally Melville's famous pattern from her book The Knit Stitch.

     I made the medium size, but adjusted the number of stitches because I wasn't getting the gauge Sally specified.  I also used a tip I found in the Einstein group on Ravelry and shortened the height of the sleeve opening.  This reduced the amount of extra fabric under the arm and I am very happy with the way it fits.

     Instead of knitted in buttonholes, I made a short chain with my yarn and sewed in in place across from the buttons.  Hopefully, it shows well enough in the close up picture.

     I used Lion Brand Suede in the color fuschia.
     It's darker than the picture to the left, but not as dark as the full shot.

     I think it took about 14 balls, but I'll have to go count all the empty ball bands to be sure.  I only paid $1 a skein, so definitely a good investment.  The buttons came from  The Woodlot  and I found them last October at The CreativFestival in Toronto.

     I wore it last week to the CCC (Creative Clothing Club) meeting and got a few compliments.  The best knitter in our group even took notice of it - thanks Claudia!

     It's soft and warm, and my new favorite sweater!!