Friday, April 27, 2012

A Suitable Purse

Our most recent challenge in Designer Group III  was to use suit jackets (men's or women's) to make a purse or tote.  And the point was to use the lapels, pockets, sleeve details, and other parts unique to the jackets as focal points on our bag.

I took my project outside to photograph it in sunlight, but the colors are a bit too bright.  The jackets I used were a solid green (with a bluish tint), a beige and green tiny check, and a gold, tan, and brown plaid.

I used the upper chest pocket for the front of the purse and added a "hankie" made from the gold and green linings.  That pocket will be a good size and location for my cell phone.  The lapel on the left front is stitched down and accented with the buttons from that jacket.

I used all three colors of the linings to make the piping that separates the various parts.  The right side of the purse front is the sleeve cuff - with added buttons) and that piece wraps around to the back.

The back of the purse is the lower pocket from the women's jacket (the gold plaid).  I added a snap to the inside of the pocket so it wouldn't gap open.  The button is just for looks. 

This shows the zipper and the facing made from the jacket lining.  I like zippers on my purses to keep me from losing stuff every time I set them down.  I used one inside jacket pocket as part of the purse lining and a stash piece of cotton for the rest.  Tabs at each side of the top edge allowed me to sew the strap on with more buttons and avoid having to sew through too many thick layers.

I am very happy with my results - nice color for spring, too.

Be sure to go to our group's blog to see the great variety of bags from all our other members.

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  1. That's a cute bag. Perfect summer colors. I like how you did your lining too. Another winner!